Rhinoplasty – Nose Aesthetics

Nose aesthetics is a simplified operation for health problems and a beautiful nose. In other words, you can have a better nose shape and respiratory tract thanks to improved nose surgery procedures. It is also important to note that the person’s bone structure is improved with the help of specific procedures.

As the aesthetic operations on the face have become much simpler and more comfortable with today’s technology, nose surgeries have become more successful and popular.

One of the questions that come to mind when thinking of aesthetic operations is the age limit. In some cases, children can also undergo cosmetic procedures. Nevertheless, parents should also consult with both their children and physicians for such operations.

Nose surgery can change bone, cartilage tissue, and skin layer. When planning nose aesthetics, our doctors consider the patient’s face and what he wants to change. Then they develop a plan for nose surgery. During this, our experts take photos of the nose and show the changes in the computer environment. Then the operation starts with some preparations.

Nasal aesthetic surgeries are painless operations. Usually, people believe that nose cosmetic surgeries are painful and troublesome operations. Nevertheless, silicone buffers we use in surgery today do not cause any problems. It is generally possible to leave the hospital on the same day after the nose surgery.

Generally, people think that nose aesthetics only aims to correct aquiline noses. Although practices to correct aquiline noses have become more popular in recent years, nose aesthetics have many target places, including skin, cartilage, and bone structure.

The person who is going to have a nose surgery generally chooses between the plastic surgery specialist and the otolaryngologist. Functional operation of the nose is usually the field of an otolaryngologist.

Although the nose aesthetics seems to be entering the field of plastic surgery, it can be performed by experienced surgeons in both branches.

The patient who decides to have a rhinoplasty should give an idea about what he wants to change in his nose and the doctor about what he can change. In this regard, the 2D and 3D visual aids are beneficial as they show the patient how to look after the operation.

Nose aesthetics are more complicated than functional surgeries. Consequently, the patient’s choice is important here.

Nasal plastic surgery does not have a particular season in general. However, it is a problem for nose plaster to relax more quickly in hot weather as a result of sweating. However, since the materials used in recent years provide air permeability, these problems are not the case anymore. Nevertheless, there are situations where patients with nasal aesthetics should pay attention in the summer.

In the wound healing process, with the effect of the sun and tanning, there is a possibility that the color of the surgery area may become darker. Sun protection creams and hats are crucial to protect yourself from the effects of the sun.

After the operation, you should not enter into the sea and pool for a certain period according to the recommendations of our plastic surgeons.

The harmony between parts of a face has an aesthetic result. This ratio is considered the golden ratio mathematically. The golden ratio is observed in many living parts of the body and nature, such as between the arm and forearm and adjacent finger bones. In nose aesthetics, it is more pleasant to follow aesthetic perceptions to achieve rates close to these ratios.

While trying to protect the golden ratio based on the wishes of the patients in nose aesthetics, there are more to consider with the help of the technology.

To better explain this, our aesthetic surgeons can show the probable nose shape with various 2D or 3D applications. The patient and doctor can determine the final form of the nose by talking about these applications.

Although the wishes of the patient are the priority, it is necessary to act by considering the proportions of the face. Making a very large nose too small creates problems for the skin to adapt to this type of operation.

Nasal aesthetics prices vary according to the procedures you select. Differences are possible between the pricing of correcting the tip of the nose and the pricing of correcting problems with the breathing function. Different procedures, like reshaping, have different pricing. You can consult with us for detailed information about nose surgery prices.

The differences in skin, bone and cartilage structure can be corrected with nose surgery. Consequently, there are different types of operations to deal with various problems. Moreover, types of nose surgery change according to the bone and cartilage structure of the patient. Below, you can find detailed information on these types and their main target.

It is a non-surgical method of nasal aesthetics that is suitable for nasal arches. Although it seems to be an advantage for patients who do not want to have surgery, their effects are not permanent. In cases with such nasal deformities, filling the nasal root with a specific material can show the nose flatter.

Even though the reliability of the filling materials is better than before, the risks and surgical complications that can be encountered are not in size to be underestimated.

Botox is a good option for the muscle of the tip of the nose. Due to the relaxation of the tissue with the effect of botox, an elevation is possible at the tip of the nose. Although the effect is short-term, the results are at the discretion of the individual in terms of applicability and patient satisfaction.

Nose tip aesthetics is an operation where cartilage at the tip of the nose alters. Moreover, the angle of the nose and lips can be increased or decreased. It is a standard method for patients who do not have a belt but have a low nose and have problems with their nostrils.

It is a method to reduce the back height of the nose, usually in arched noses. Doctors can bring the back height of the nose to the desired level with a particular filling material. In cases where the nose belt is too high, the excess can be removed by filing or cutting according to the doctor’s preference.

In general, techniques in rhinoplasty are divided into two as an open technique or closed technique surgery. Surgeries with open and closed techniques have advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

Doctors perform the surgery by opening a small incision between the nostrils from the lower part. Opening this part provides the surgeon with a broader viewing angle. Generally, the processes in cartilage and bone are the same as in the closed technique.

The most significant advantage of the open rhinoplasty technique is that it provides the surgeon with a comprehensive view and application opportunity.

In closed nose aesthetics, the incisions are inside the nostrils. In surgeries with a closed technique, the angle of view is less in terms of operation, but there is no possibility of remaining a scar from the outside. Moreover, the recovery time is relatively shorter than the open rhinoplasty method.

There are some points to consider before nose surgery. First, keep in mind that doctors minimize the complications in operation. The factors that patients should pay attention to before the procedure are as follows;

  • It is necessary to avoid drugs two weeks before surgery. These types of drugs can cause bleeding. You can use only the medicines that our surgeon approves and prescribes.
  • Also, herbal medicines, natural remedies, and supplements can be dangerous. It is necessary to stop smoking or take a break a week before the surgery. Keep in mind that smoking slows down the healing process after surgery and increases the chance of getting an infection.

You should inform our doctor during the consultation process and tell all the details about your medicines and your general health. Afterward, our experts will provide you with proper instructions.

Rhinoplasty has no sequential steps. Each operation is customized for the specific anatomy and goals of the surgeon. Depending on how complicated the procedure is, surgery may require local anesthesia or general anesthesia. This decision takes place before the operation.

During general anesthesia, our doctors inject the drug by inhalation. General anesthesia affects the whole body and allows the individual to remain unconscious during surgery. A breathing tube is also necessary for general anesthesia.

Nose plastic surgery varies depending on the operation that the surgeon applies. The procedure can take 2-3 hours. If the tip of the nose is the target, this process becomes shorter.

Generally, internal dressings remain in place for one to seven days after surgery. Our surgeon also may suggest a material on the nose for protection and support. In order to reduce the possibility of mild complications to a low level, our surgeon may want to take various measures up to several weeks after surgery.

Since the open technique in nose aesthetic surgeries take place by opening a small incision between the nostrils, a slight trace of your nose in this part after nasal aesthetics is possible. Since healing varies from person to person, the complications are not the same for everyone. In the operations with the closed technique, there is no trace visible from the outside.

Follow our doctors’ instructions to have a problem-free and healthy healing process.

There are aesthetic differences between the male nose and the female nose. The criteria for this are usually the angle that the nose makes with the lip. While it is about 90 degrees in men, this angle is slightly more in women. That means the female nose should be higher than the male.

The surgical principles in male or female rhinoplasty in plastic surgery are the same. Nevertheless, the number of dimensions and angles vary. The back of the nose and the tip of the nose should be not clear, and the nose lip angle should not be feminine.

Is there any alternative to rhinoplasty?

No. If you are looking forward to changing your nose shape, there is no alternative to nose surgery operations.

Are nose surgeries painful operations?

No. Thanks to advanced medical methods, you do not feel any pain during or after the operation.

What are the prices for nose surgeries?

The costs of the rhinoplasty operations change according to the method, your expectations, and various components. Get in touch with our professional team for more information.

Can those who have sinusitis have rhinoplasty surgery?

Although those who have sinusitis discomfort do not have any problems in having rhinoplasty surgeryDetail, patients suffering from sinusitis are more likely to get an operation after eliminating conditions that cause sinusitis.

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