Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium Crowns

Extremely durable zirconium element has countless advantages over the other possible crown materials. That is why they have become highly popular, and many renowned dental clinics are recommending zirconium crowns. Besides being durable, zirconium crowns are also aesthetically superior to other dental crown types, and many people choose them.

Zirconium or zirconia is an ideal material for making dental crowns, because it is strong, durable and reliable. Moreover, this element is completely natural and therefore it can easily adapt to your body. Most of the other dental crown materials are becoming obsolete due to the superiority of the zirconium crowns.

People from all parts of the world choose Turkey as the destination of their dental procedures. Because, Turkey is simply the best when it comes to offering affordable prices and high quality services. Our clinic is one of the leading names when it comes to dental services. We always follow the latest technological innovations in the field and we implement only the best methods. Therefore, when you choose our clinic, you know that you are getting the best zirconium crowns in Turkey.

The location of Turkey is also very advantageous when compared to other countries. It is very easy to travel to, regardless of the city or the country that you live in. The flights to Istanbul from various parts of the world are very often and easy to find. That is another reason why so many people travel to Turkey every year for having dental procedures.

Finding the same quality of workmanship for the same price is quite hard in another country. You may be able to find places where they offer zirconium crowns for cheaper prices. However, their work will be very unprofessional, and the materials they use will be cheap and phoney.

Travelling to Istanbul for having your zirconium crowns may also be a good opportunity for you to see the city. The place is full of historical and natural landmarks, seeing these things alone is a reason to travel to Turkey.

The dental specialists and doctors in our clinic are some of the most renowned ones in their field. We guarantee that they are going to offer you the best possible results at the end of the procedure. Shaping the zirconium crowns is meticulous work and not every dentist can do it. Therefore, you should be very careful while choosing the location of your clinic. Fortunately, the dentists in our clinic are excellent at what they do, and our patients are highly gratified.

The dental crowns made of zirconium are mechanically very strong compared to the other crowns. Be that as it may, some people may be asking ‘’are zirconium crowns safe?’. Asking this question is very natural because the crowns are going to be inside your mouth. And, if the dentists make the crown from a toxic or harmful material, the consequences can be dire. However, the medical risks of zirconium crowns are non-existent, and they are completely safe.

First of all, zirconium is an insoluble element and it does not pose any risks even if you swallow it. Because, your body cannot absorb an element that is insoluble. Moreover, zirconium is not a radioactive element, therefore, it cannot cause any radioactivity related problems such as cancer.

There is not even a single report of allergic reaction to zirconia dental crowns. This is due to the fact that the zirconium element is highly biocompatible regardless of the patient. Besides, zirconia is easy to shape according to the patient’s needs and margin of error is minimal.

People have used gold crowns for a long time and it was a well option back in the time. Of course, that was before the zirconia crowns became widely available. The zirconia crowns have so many advantages over the dental crowns made out of other materials such as gold.

Gold crowns may work okay, but just the fact that they are metals can be disturbing for some patients. Because, some people do not like to have metals in their mouths, regardless of the type of the metal. In that case, the zirconia crowns can be ideal option because zirconium is not a metal.

The zirconium element is obviously more durable than porcelain and therefore it is a better dental crown material. Because, if you choose a weak material for your dental crowns, you may break it after a while. With zirconia crowns, breaking is out of the question, because this element is extremely rugged. We guarantee that the lifetime of zirconia crowns is at least 5 times longer than that of the porcelain ones. This means that the zirconia crowns will last you for very long years.

The temperature changes are not going to affect the zirconia crowns either. Whether you chew something really hot or something really cold, it will not disturb you. This may be an excellent feature for you if you have tooth sensitivity issues.

Most importantly, the appearance of the zirconia crowns are aesthetically magnificent. Gold crowns usually look unnatural and absurd, however, this is not the case for the zirconia crowns. Because, their color is exactly the same as the natural color of your teeth. Porcelain dental crowns may also have a color similar to that of your natural teeth. Nevertheless, the whiteness and brightness of zirconia dental crowns are far more superior compared to the porcelain crowns.

Shaping zirconia crowns are also not that hard. So, if you do not want to have too many sessions with your dentist, it may be ideal for you.

All types of dental crowns are usually costly because they require meticulous work. But, what matters is how good the dental crowns serve you. If you are going to have an excellent looking teeth for long years, no cost is too much to pay.

Although zirconium crowns cost a little higher than the other crowns, they make up for it in quality. They obviously look much better and last longer compared to the other types of dental crowns. Even so, the zirconium crown costs are still very affordable in our dental clinic.

The cost of zirconium crowns depend on a couple of important factors that you need to consider. First of all, the quality of the materials which the dentists will use to prepare your dental crown. We use only the best quality of every material in all the dental procedures we perform in our clinic.

Another important factor that has a significant effect over the price of the crowns is the location of the clinic. Remember that you will also pay travel expenses to the clinic that you are choosing. When you choose a country like Turkey, you will pay less expenses for travelling, because of the highly frequent flights.

Most of all, the overall quality of the dental clinic you are choosing will have a big impact on the cost of zirconium crowns. A higher cost does not necessarily mean superior quality in dental clinics. Some clinics may be pricey without a reason. On the other hand, some of the very low cost dental clinics may do a sloppy job on your teeth. In order to be the best in the field, our clinic combines high quality services with highly affordable prices

The lifespan of dental crowns depend on how you use them and take care of them. If you do everything properly, a dental crown can last you for long years. In particular, the zirconia crowns have a very long lifespan. This is due to the strong, crystalline structure of the zirconium element which is what these crowns consist of. This element is almost completely indestructible and that is why it is the ideal option out there today.

Gold crowns can be long lasting as well, but they lack the aesthetic advantages of the zirconium ones. On the other hand, the porcelain crowns definitely cannot match the durability and longevity of the zirconium. In conclusion, zirconium crowns offer the longest lifespan among all the other crowns in the field of dentistry.

Before the dentists start implanting your zirconia crowns, they will apply anaesthesia to the area of the procedure. This will numb the pain and eliminate every kind of inconvenience that you could possibly experience. The type of anaesthesia that we use in our zirconia crown procedures is local anaesthesia. This kind of anaesthesia does not completely make you unconscious. Instead of that, it numbs the pain while you are awake and conscious. Therefore, you can just lay back and relax during the whole procedure since it is totally pain free.

Moreover, there are no reports of experiencing pain or discomfort after the surgery either. The zirconia crowns will not prohibit you or cause inconveniences in any way. You are free to do whatever you feel like doing. Because, the biocompatibility of zirconium is very high and it will not cause allergies or infections.

However, do not forget to listen to your dentist’s advices if he has given you any. You can obtain the best possible results if you collaborate with your dentist after the procedure.

Shaping zirconium crowns in the desired lengths and shapes is very easy. Because, the zirconium element is highly versatile, although it is very hard and durable at the same time. Shaping the zirconium crowns will usually take very little time (1 – 2 sessions) compared to the other crowns.

Before we mill the zirconium into the desired shape for the patient, the zirconium is in block form. The machines that we use for the milling process are highly precise and accurate. An experienced and skilled dentist can easily make a perfect copy of your original teeth. This may not be that easy with the other materials, but with zirconium it is very easy.

Our doctors will paint the zirconium crowns with a custom color that will match the tone of your teeth. This part of the process is very important, and requires a very good dentist to perform it. When a dentist fails to pick the right color for the teeth of the patient, the results may resemble color incostincency. When painted by an expert dentist, the zirconia crowns will be impossible to be distinguished from real teeth.

Some other dental crowns need to be fused with a metal base. However, this is not the case for the zirconia crowns. They do not require a metal base, and so, they are completely free of metals.

There is no known limitation for having zirconia crowns. However, by consulting our dental clinic, you can find out if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. The optimal choice for having an excellent smile is zirconia crowns. If you are looking for aesthetically beautiful teeth and durability at the same time, zirconia crowns are what you need.

Does zirconia crowns have metals?

Zirconium is not a metal, it is more like a crystal. Moreover, other crown types need to be fused with a metal base, but zirconia crowns do not.

How much does zirconia crowns cost?

The cost of zirconia crowns may be a little bit more expensive compared to the traditional dental crowns. However, considering the durability, aesthetics and longevity of zirconium, is more than worth it. Because, while the other dental crowns take damage in time, zirconia ones will remain the same for long years.

Are zirconium crowns toxic?

Zirconium is completely insoluble. For this reason, there is no possible way for your body to absorb zirconium. Besides, it is not a radioactive element either. In conclusion, zirconia dental crowns are not toxic for humans in any way.

How many sessions do zirconia crowns require?

The zirconia crowns do not take very long to be implanted. You just need to come to our clinic for one or two times, and you will have your zirconia crowns.

Is zirconia crowns painful?

You will not feel any pain during the procedure because you will be under the effects of local anaesthesia.

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