Gastric Sleeve

What is Gastric Sleeve?

In the gastric sleeve, there are two ways to lose weight. Because the stomach’s capacity is reduced, there is a mechanical limitation and weight loss as the stomach’s activities are reduced. Weight loss is caused by hormonal changes because the stomach tissue that produces a chemical called ghrelin is eliminated. Appetite is lowered as the fundus area of the stomach, where ghrelin is created, is removed.

How is Gastric Sleeve Done?

Patients who have finished the evaluation process and are deemed surgical candidates are brought to the operating room after completing the endoscopic procedure. A tube stomach is a procedure that involves the use of Ligasure and Stapler devices and four small incisions in the patient’s belly, with an average time of 45-50 minutes.

To avoid damaging the anatomy of the stomach, about 4/3 of the volume of the stomach is intervened during the procedure. Staples and stitching lines are used to seal the stomach. The patient is transferred to the room throughout the operation room process and after surgery, which takes an average of 2 hours. In general, no intensive care units are required after surgery. After the fourth hour, the movement procedure begins with the nurses assisting you in getting up.

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